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Pam Bray

I love creating and designing unique and original art work! I get so excited to share my ideas, work and things I do with others but…  I get “so excited” to encourage others to create and be all they can be through there art work.

I’ve been creating forever, lol…well it seems like forever. I started out sewing but after a few years I moved on to tole painting…. which I love so much. Then I found paper crafting… oh my!!! WELL…  my world exploded and then   I discovered stamping and embossing!!! SO… I thought it was time to put all that I have learned, designed and work for into a brand. Hence, Pam Bray Designs: A Girl with Flair was born.

I began with Wild Whisper creating paper collections based on my photos which I incorporate in my design work but I am now ready to start designing paper collections using my original art work along with what I have learned over the years playing with paint, inks, sprays and other mediums.

My collections with Wild Whisper will be Designer Paper, Stamps, Epherema, and of course “Flair” but you never know what else I may add along the way. They biggest thing for me as a designer is to inspire you to create, have fun and be able to create with ease.

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