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No Line Watercoloring Tutorial With Sara Scraps

Hello Hello! Currently I am OBSESSED with two things. The Floral 4X6 Stamp set and no line watercoloring them! I thought it would be fun to share with you a step by step tutorial on how to create this fun technique. (and maybe you'll become addicted too!)

Products you will need-

- Floral 4X6 Stamp Set 

- hot press watercolor paper

- watercolors of your choosing ( I used Vicki Boutin Watercolor Pens, but this will work with any watercolors)

- Distress Oxide Antique Linen ink

- clean water

- 2 paint brushes, one VERY small for detail painting 

Step1- Stamp your floral images using the Distress Ink. The images do NOT need to be perfect impression. As long as you can see the lines to follow them. We are going to paint over them and they are going to disappear anyway.

I stamp an entire 12X12 sheet at a time, but dont mind me..Next out line your images with the the watercolor color you would like each element to be. Use a small detail brush and the brush should be full of pigment...very,very little water. You want your outline to very vibrant.

Once your image is outlined, take a clean, damp, NOT WET, paintbrush and pull the color into the rest of the image.

-Do all the painting of one color first. And make sure that one color dries completely!!!!! before adding the next color. That will keepthe paint bleeding to a minimum.

For some extra dimension and glossy texture, add some glossy accents over the flowers.

Once everything is painted and completely dried, put on a movie you love and fussy cut away!

And now you have a a set of gorgeous flowers to create with!

I hope you will try this fun and unique technique. The new Floral Stamp is jut perfect for creating wonderful floral projects.

Have A Lovely Day!




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