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Memory Planning With Sara Scraps

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Memory Planning With Sara Scraps

Hello Everyone! Sara with you today. This year marks the third year I have been memory planning and I love it! 

Let me start this post by telling you what memory planning is. For me, memory planning is a way to take a snapshot of everyday life. It documents things like what I'm watching, what I'm listening to, what I'm creating, the things the boys are doing right now. Things that are just day to day- appointments, work schedules, etc. 

I am a little behind in my 2022 memory planner. I missed documenting July in my book this year because I was recovering from surgery. I love this weekly project so much I don't want to leave these weeks undocumented in my book, and time is just ticking away.

So for my Wild Whisper projects this month, I'm going to catch these weeks up in my memory planner.

I used the Chaos And Love collection for this spread. I paired the collection with a bunch of stamps from my Wild Whisper collection. 

I used a branding strip and this floral stamp to create a cluster in one corner of my spread. 

I mean, where else could I document my farmer's market produce or the crazy way my son does the dishes??

Products Used- 

Chaos And Love 12X12 Paper 

Brush Script Stamp 

Happy Tails 4X6 Stamp Set

Ledger 6X8 Stamp Set 

Where To Next 4X6 Stamp Set 

I also use this project to document pop culture things, like memes, and the food I cook that looks particularly photo -worthy.

What would you document in a memory planner?? 

You can head over to my You Tube channel HERE  and check out my whole process! 

Have A Lovely Day! 



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