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#Just Me Scrapbooking Layout with Khristina

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#Just Me Scrapbooking Layout with Khristina

Hi Friends!

    If you don't know me well (at least not yet) that there are a couple of things that you should probably know about me. #1. I am terrified of using my Silhouette to cut gorgeous patterned paper. I will cut white cardstock all day long but if you want me to cut into that precious sheet of patterned paper....oh heck no!  #2. I am passionate about sharing quick and easy layouts and designs that you can use as inspiration to create in small junks of time within your busy schedule. Just like so many of you, I am a busy wife, mom, and business owner. My life is jam-packed BUT I am also a creative and I need that outlet to (let's be real here) keep my sanity in check., I am facing my fear (see #1) AND sharing a layout that can accomplish item #2. Let's go! 

    Let me just start with a short disclaimer here....this paper pack from Nicole Wright Designs might just be the most gorgeous paper I have ever seen. It is amazing! The mixed media and paint and vibrancy is like nothing I have seen anywhere and trust me when I say that I see A LOT of patterned paper. 

I decided to take a big risk and face my fear and cut that gorgeous patterned paper with my Silhouette using this fun cut file design. I held my breath literally the entire time that it was cutting because I would have been devastated to destroy that paper. worked! And it begged for a black cardstock background to really make it pop. 

Now...with a layout like this, you don't need much embellishing which is super helpful when you only have a quick block of time to create. I grabbed a few layers of white cardstock for behind my photo and a pack of mini white foam alphas and just added words to describe myself. These are things either I value about myself or things that my family and friends say about me! Easy peasy! You could totally do this for a family member, friend, or even an object you love. 

I added a touch of white paint pen around the outside edges and tore a couple of little places to back with the leftovers of my patterned paper sheet and that was it. Quick & Easy but definitely impactful! 

Here's the video if you wanna hear a little more too....





Nicole Wright Designs: Media Assemblage Paper Pack 


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