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Five Tips for Quick and Easy Cards (For the Non-Cardmaker) with Khristina

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Five Tips for Quick and Easy Cards (For the Non-Cardmaker) with Khristina

Hey friends!

   Today, I wanted to share something a little bit different with you guys using my Wild Whisper leftovers. When I think about card-making, I am going to let you in on a little secret....I kinda a lot! lol. For some reason, that smaller canvas size just never really feels balanced. SO.....when I do create cards, I tend to make them super quick and easy using mainly my leftovers. Let's talk about five of my favorite tips for quick and easy cards (for the non-carmaker!) 


Without further ado.....five tips....

1. Don't overthink it. Cards don't have to be complicated or crazy intricate. When I finish a scrapbooking layout or project, I try to use the leftover pieces to come up with a quick and fast card. This way, I am not putting a ton of leftovers and extras back into my stash to be hidden away for a long time. 

2. Sequins are key! Seriously! You can take the most basic (kinda boring) card and step it up with just a few little sprinkles of sequins. For some reason, they just add that little pizazz super quickly and easily! 

3. Adding a little texture makes a huge difference. This could be a little piece of ribbon or a twine bow. It could be a fun background layer element (like mine in the picture below) or something like crepe paper, tissue paper, burlap, etc. 

4. A sentiment stamp makes life easier. This might seem a little basic but seriously....this was a game changer for me. A basic stamp with black ink and that one stamp set can really make card making easy. I look for stamp sets that include lots of different sentiments that would work for lots of occasions. 

5. Tear the paper....yep, I said it. Put the scissors and the paper trimmer away. There is just something so different that adds texture, dimension, and interest when you tear the edges of your paper. I love a torn edge of patterned paper with the sentiment placed directly underneath just like in the second card above. 

That's it, friends! Five quick and easy tips for card-making. I would love if you would share one of your favorite quick tips for card-making as I work on my journey to improve my own cards. 




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