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Child at Heart Box Card by Linda

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Child at Heart Box Card by Linda

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm going to share one of my favorite ways to use up bits and pieces of ephemera, by making a box card.  I made the card with the Child at Heart paper collection and ephemera pack.

I found the SVG file for the basic box form, from The Non Crafty Crafter here.  She also provides a link to Cricut Design Space where she has it set up and ready to cut.  A big thank you to her for sharing it with us!

This is how I glued everything together after I had cut it on my Cricut.  The next step is to glue the small flap on the left to the tall panel at the back and create a box.  I would suggest using liquid glue when making this box in order that you have a few seconds to get everything lined up properly before it starts drying.

This is the box glued together, but I'm showing with the arrow, where I made an error.  That little flap would look better glued behind the tall narrow panel, so leave that panel to glue on after the box is glued.  For my project, I just covered it up with a piece of ephemera.

Those two little pieces in the center of the box are where you glue your ephemera pieces to.

I cut 1/2" by 2" tabs out of a piece of packaging.  Then you glue your ephemera pieces to the tabs, and the tabs to the center of the box.

The back of the box, and the front flap are generally your focal pieces so I put my favorite pieces of ephemera there to start, and build up around them.  You can see above, how I have placed the rainbox.  You need to make sure that when a piece like the rainbow is hanging over the edge as I have it; that it still fits when you fold the card up to put in an envelope.

Here you see I have folded the card up and the rainbow is fitting inside the parameters.  If I had glued the rainbow on the other side, it would be sticking out and wouldn't fit in the envelope.  As I'm gluing tabs on, I quite often close the card and make sure the ephemera bits look correct.

Here is the left side of the completed card.

Here is the right side.

Finally, here is the card folded up and flattened down ready to go into an envelope!  The card is 5" wide and 5-1/2" tall.  Narelle, The Non Crafty Crafter, has also provided a cut file for the envelope... so you will be all set!

Go grab your bits and pieces and give it a try!




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