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Traveler's Notebook Tips with Khristina

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Traveler's Notebook Tips with Khristina

Good Afternoon Friends!

   Just like my last post, I want to encourage you to find a few creative minutes during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. There is so much benefit to be found in sneaking in just a few minutes for yourself when there are so many events, obligations, and crazy schedules during this time of year. Today, I thought that I would share a quick and easy traveler's notebook spread that can definitely be created in less than fifteen minutes using the gorgeous Child at Heart collection as well as just a few tips for working in a traveler's notebook.

In my traveler's notebooks, I complete a lot of different projects but my absolute favorite is the books I create for my kids. Each of my three kids has his or her own volume of books and inside they can find little stories and moments that are just their own. Each page is written as a letter from me to them about a moment in time, part of their personality, or something that I am loving about them in that chapter of their lives. They absolutely adore flipping thru these books and I love seeing their faces as they read the words.  

Here are just a few tips that I have found to be super helpful when creating in traveler's notebooks.

1. Cut your patterned paper background just a bit smaller than the pages. This will keep them less bulky at the seams and make the books close a little easier. 

2. Consider writing directly on top of your photos. I adore this look and often take pictures now with this idea in mind. Just like in this layout, I left lots of room to include my letter to my son right on top of the picture. This helps in a traveler's notebook too because there isn't a whole lot of real estate space on those pages! 

3. Ink the edges of your patterned paper. I really think that this helps to create unity on the page and show that the two sides of the spread are meant to go together. 

4. I always work on my layout with the two pages right next to each as if I am making a whole layout. I overlap my embellishments, photos, and everything across the two page spread and then my very last step is to cut them in half and glue them into the book itself. This helps with the continuity of design as well. 

5. In traveler's notebooks, smaller photos work great (3x4 size I find is perfect) but I also love using a 4x6 and having it go across both sides of the page. You don't need a ton of embellishments (like my example) and pocket page cards work perfectly in your layering! 

During this busy holiday season, I really hope that you will sit down and take a few minutes to create! You may just find that that mental break helps you make your way thru that never-ending to-do list just a little faster. I also want to encourage you to consider adding traveler's notebooks with letters to your children as a project you try in 2020. I know that these books are truly a treasure to my children and I am sure that your family would love them too!



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