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Tasty Pizza Scrapbook Layout with Khristina

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Tasty Pizza Scrapbook Layout with Khristina

Hi Friends! 

Are you someone who takes foodie pictures? Are you that documenter with her camera ready the second the server puts your place in front of you? I never used to be a big foodie picture taker but my kids loving seeing their favorite treats on the pages of their albums and so I have sort of developed into a documenter. We often try crazy and new foods on vacation and all of those memories definitely find their way into my albums. 

Today, I am documenting a story about a year-long wait for this amazing pizza. Sadly, this pizza place is in my own town and I had never been there. My friend, Sara (yep--you know her!) found this pizza place while she was here for Creativation and then I had to wait an entire year for her to come back for Creativation again in order to experience the yumminess with her!

 I knew that I wanted to use this Talk Foodie to Me collection for this memory the minute I saw that beautiful pizza paper. Because of the bright colors, it works perfectly when mixed with black and white. I decided to go with a grid layout so that I could use that gorgeous pizza paper in a way that wouldn't be too over the top overwhelming on the page. Then, in order to create some interest and draw your eye across the page, I decided to stack my embellishments on the diagonal. I have been using this design technique a lot lately and I am really liking the impact! 

Today, I challenge you to document one of your foodie pictures and stories! If you don't have any pictures yet, think about taking some the next time you make an amazing meal at home or head to a restaurant for some tasty food. Please stop by my channel and check out the process video for this layout too! 




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