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Wild and Free Scrapbooking Layout with Khristina

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Wild and Free Scrapbooking Layout with Khristina

Hey Friends!

   The month of May is all about scrap-lifting on my Facebook page and every day I choose a different amazing creative friend to get inspiration from for a layout. Today's layout was inspired by Desiree's Tale and I wanted to turn it into a little quick tips and tricks idea list for you guys as well! I am combining a bunch of my favorite different Wild Whisper "travel" collections on this one...(*There is a Facebook Live video over on the Redefined Kreative page if you wanna see this layout come together) 

Tip #1: You can always take an inspiration layout or sketch and flip it on its side. I always make the page orientation decisions based upon my photos. In the layout that I scrap lifted, the photos were horizontal and the paper strips were also horiztontal. SO for my layout, I wanted to use vertical photos so vertical paper strips it is! Don't be afraid to take that inspiration and adjust it to make it your own. 

Tip #2: Torn layers....If you guys know me, you know that I talk about this all the time! Torn paper layers just add so much texture to a layout in a really simple way! For this layout, I even tore the bottom edge of my photos (shhh...don't freak out! it looks cool). For paper tearing, if you tear on one side, you get a white edging and if you flip the paper over, then you won't get that white edging. I love the white edging for water, ocean, beach type photos but not as much for other projects so I just adjust my tearing technique accordingly. 

Tip #3: Inking Adjustments...It is 100% okay to alter your die cuts to fit your needs! For this layout, the small arrow icon had a light grey background and the title die cut had a white background. I wanted them to look more cohesive with my layout so I simply used my pumpkin spice colored ink pad to lightly brush them with color. This simple step of adding just a touch of color really helps to bring all of the elements together. 


Tip #4: Think outside the collection. You guys.....I love creating with a beautiful collection just as much as the next person BUT there is also something SO cool about combining elements from different collections together. This layout used Lake Life, Road Trip, Where to Next?, and Adventure! Four layout...seriously you guys....grab a bunch of things that coordinate (I use a color theme or story for this) and create a unique look. You don't have to stick within that one collection. Combine all the things....which leads into the most important tip....

Tip #5: There are no rules in scrapbooking! As you can see in this layout, I have four embellishment clusters where "design theory" typically says use the rule of threes. Well....sometimes, using the design theory "rules" are great but other times you can create a unique impact by ignoring those rules. Truly.....there are no rules! Create what makes you happy. Tell your stories, document your lives, and the rest doesn't matter in the slightest! Tear that paper.....color that die cut....use four or five instead of creating, being a  little bit of a design rebel is totally okay. 

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Lake Life

Road Trip

Where to Next? 





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