About Us

Wild Whisper is a new company in the scrapbooking and paper crafting industry which was officially launched in November of 2016. We are designing paper collections that include 12x12 double sided paper and pocket scrapbooking cards. We are also currently carrying products from Southern Ridge Trading Company, Spiegelmom Scraps, and Emerald Creek. These boutique-style items support the unique concept of our paper products.


Wild Whisper is made up of Heather Ulmer and Suzy Dube. We are two Canadian girls who are friends from university and we both share a passion for scrapbooking and entrepreneurship. Heather, who will be doing most of the design work, can be found on YouTube and Instagram as staybeautiful84 and her blog is www.heatherulmer.com. Suzy has been a more private scrapbooker and she will be taking care of the business and behind the scenes aspects of Wild Whisper. 


The name “Wild Whisper” was chosen for the business after meticulous consideration. Both Heather and Suzy are quiet people until they are engaged in a conversation and then they become quite enthusiastic and passionate. The juxtaposition also applies to our collection aesthetic as it will be a combination of contemporary, yet rustic styles.
We hope that you will enjoy the unique products that we bring to you from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Please feel free to contact us at wildwhisperdesigns@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.