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Top Five Project Ideas for the January Collection with Khristina

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Top Five Project Ideas for the January Collection with Khristina

Hi friends! Khristina here with a little bit different kind of post today. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new collections from Wild Whisper so I wanted to share my top five ideas for how  to use the January kit with you. I am hoping that these ideas will inspire you to jump right in when you receive your January collections too! 

Number 5. Let’s start with the obvious here! This is an amazing collection for documenting our fitness goals and journey. There are loads of amazing prints and cards to document your journey to become a healthier you!

But what if you don’t have specific fitness goals or maybe you don’t want to take pictures of you working out. What can this collection be used for in that case?


Number 4. School sports—This collection has loads of possibility for documenting my kids and their journey with school sports. I want to create some layouts sharing their sports goals and accomplishments as well as telling the story of how playing sports and interacting with coaches has made my children stronger, braver, and more confident! This paper would be perfect for those types of stories:

Number 3. Overcoming Challenges—There are loads of prompts and papers in these collections sharing quotes and images related to strength and being strong and fierce. These don’t have to be fitness related but they can be used for any types of challenges and growth. Maybe you are working towards educational, financial, emotional, or career goals. All of these quotes and images would support stories about that journey too!

Number 2: Everyday Moments—There are loads of possibilities for this paper in the collection and its one of the ones that I am most looking forward to creating with right now. You could totally fussy cut all of those colorful circles! Or imagine how they would look with some hand or machine stitching?! What about filling them with embellishment clusters or making sequin shaker pockets?!  The options for that one are endless!

Number 1: Travel/Journey—That cloud paper?!? Be still my heart! I am in love with that gorgeous paper. I think that that one would be perfect for documenting travel stories or a journey that you are experiencing. It would work for all of the airplane photos that everyone has or even as a home for some travel memorabilia. What a beautiful paper!

BONUS: The cards are perfect too! I just love the rich colors and the possiblities are endless here too. Here are a few ideas that came to mind right away….

--Fussy cut all of those cirlces and create dimensional badges

--That working on a new me card could be used for any new goals this year

--That slow progress card would be perfect for my son learning a new language in school or trying to conquer hitting at batting lessons

--I am absolutely going to fussy cut those banners and use them for titles right on top of my photots.

Seriously friends….this collection is way more versatile than originally meets the eye! I cannot wait for mine to finally arrive so that I can jump right in! Please tag me if you decide to try out any of these ideas so that I can see what you are making too!



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